Residential Mortgages

Finding a mortgage can be an overwhelming process, especially if you’re a first time buyer.  GM Mortgages has the experience to find the best mortgage for you and/or your family at the best rate available.

Commercial Mortgages

GM Mortgages provides commercial option that provide flexible financing and the right competitive rates that can help your business meet it’s needs. Start your business off on the right track.

Investment Mortgages

GM Mortgages will help you specialize in the investment side of real estate financing from single family homes/condos, to du-plexes and multi family homes all while keep costs as low as possible.

Your #1 Mortgage Broker

GM Mortgages was ranked as a top 75 Mortgage Broker in Canada for 2015 and top 20 in 2014

GM Mortgages is your Northern Alberta brokerage service. Our company is ready to help you move forward by finding the mortgage with the sharpest rate available and for the best price. We are constantly dedicated to finding the best mortgage products on the market including Lines of Credit, Consolidation Loans, Home Loans, and more. No matter what your need may be our team at GM Mortgages will guide you through the process and help find the best mortgage product that fits your customized circumstances. Check out our free online mortgage calculator to keep you informed on how much your mortgage payment will be as well as provided updated rates that will affect your monthly or purchase price.

As a Peace Country mortgage broker, GM Mortgages is dedicated to provide clear communication with all of our clients. Our goal is to make sure you are informed on every possible option available to you. We promise a call back within 24 hours to make sure that you have quick reliable service. While located in Grande Prairie we are also available throughout the Peace Country including Peace River, Spirit River, Sexsmith, Valleyview, Whitecourt, Manning and the rest of Northern Alberta.

GM Mortgages are proud to be your mortgage specialist. We provide over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry and know how to proceed through what can be a challenging process to get a mortgage approval. With smarter options we can help put your mortgage in the right place as we know just how important it is to have an experienced solution. With GM Mortgage Solutions we will be able to walk you through your experience step by step from beginning to end.

By getting you a quick “YES” at the best rate available we can help you secure that dream home you’ve been searching for. Call us today so we can begin working for you by providing you every mortgage option available. We are on call for you!

We'll Help You Find The Right Mortgage in Alberta

Obtaining Good Credit

GM Mortgages can help you obtain the good credit for the mortgage you’ll end up needing for your dream property. Thanks to the hard work of countless individuals we’ve provided a free guide below which can help guide you through the proper steps to obtaining good credit quicker. Our guide will show you the right way to obtain your credit report making you fully aware of the needs you need to improve on as well as making sure you don’t end up with any errors (did you know almost 80% of consumers have errors on their current credit reports?). What many individuals don’t realize is that in as little as thirty days you can improve your credit score making it that much easier to get approved for the mortgage you need to purchase.

Mortgage Calculator To Calculate Your Payments

Mortgage Calculators

Finding the right home can be a time consuming process so when searching (and eventually finding) the property you dream of owning it’s always a better idea to know how much your mortgage payments will be. This is important to help you properly budget for the payments you’ll be making. GM Mortgages provides a mortgage calculator to show you how much you can afford as well as what other payments you should expect based on the purchase price to plan to put forth. We believe in educating our clients and by providing the proper tools we fill they will be as well informed as possible. Budgeting is important and thanks to our calculator we can help you figure out the proper mortgage payments ultimately making the fight fit for you.

Pre Approval For Your Mortgage

Posted Rates

Did you know that Canadian banks typically post rates that are generally higher than what a Mortgage broker can offer? If you didn’t this is because most big banks (Royal Bank of Canada, Bank of Montreal etc.) expect you, the buyer, to negotiate down their rates. This is why using a mortgage broker is important. We always use the best rates available anywhere thanks to working with over 90 Lenders. This is great news for our clients as we end up having the ability to leverage lower rates to get the best options available no matter the budget. Remember that GM Mortgages is working for you, not the bank! We promise to get you the fastest approval at the lowest rate on the market.