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Why Work With A Mortgage Broker?

Benefits of Working With A Mortgage Professional

There are only two ways to obtain a mortgage in Canada, through a bank and from a mortgage professional. By working with a mortgage professional you can:

Access more mortgage products
Banks are only capable of offering their own mortgage products meaning you’re stuck with there terms and rates. GM Mortgages has access to hundreds of options from all of Canada’s banks, lenders (credit unions, trust companies) and other financial institutions to help find you the best rate.

We’ll Guide You Each Step Of The Way
Our experience in the industry can help you achieve your home ownership goals, we pride ourselves on giving everyone we work with excellent customer service helping eliminate all your headaches and saving you thousands of dollars.

Home to one of Canada’s Top Mortgage Brokers
As a partner to Dominion Lending we’re known as one of Canada’s largest brokers. Dominion has become Canada’s number one broker over the last five years helping us provide you with lower rates.

Free To Use Our Services
Lenders pay us based on the volume sent, meaning we don’t get paid until your mortgage is funded. This helps you enjoy security and confidence knowing you’ll get the right mortgage at the right rate to suit your needs.

How We Can Help

Home Mortgage Options

Home Purchases

Purchasing a home is the biggest purchase most people will make during their lifetime. Here at Dominion Lending Centres we keep each purchaser aware and informed of all the mortgage options available to them prior to purchase and before the end closing date.

Renewing Your Mortgage


While shopping for an initial mortgage can require a lot of time and effort, the same is generally not said about mortgage renewals. Unfortunately by omitting the proper considerations upon renewal it can cost Canadians thousands of extra dollars per year as borrowers sign and send the first renewal offered without shopping around.

How to Insure Your Mortgage


Buying a home will be the biggest purchase most people make throughout their lifetime. Here at Dominion Lending Centres we believe it’s just as important to protect your investment for you and your family’s financial future. Protect your family if the unfortunate happened and they were left to make mortgage payments on their own.

Refinancing Your Mortgage


Today we’re faced with many reasons to refinance our mortgages. Building better credit scores can provide better discounts or perhaps you would prefer the stability of payments by changing from a variable to fixed-rate mortgage. Refinancing can provide equity for home improvements, consolidating debt, investments and more.