So you’ve finally decided to bite the bullet, packed up your things and now you’re on your way to move to Peace River not knowing what to fully expect on your new endeavour.  If you’ve managed to secure a mortgage through us at GM Mortgages then there’s a good chance we may have provided you a list of some ideas on what you can do upon getting settled into the small community in Northern Alberta.  If not we’re here to help you find some things to do and help you get acquainted with everything the community has to offer.

Here are five things you can look at or enjoy upon your move to Peace River.

1. Tour The Shaftesbury Trail

An incredibly scenic drive, the Shaftesbury trail has a lot of great spots for you (and your family) to pull over and learn more about the rich history situated across Peace River and the surrounding Peace Country.  You’re probably well aware of it by now but the town is at the heart of the Peace River making this sightseeing tour a great opportunity to see some stunning views of the river on your drive.  Picture taking can be a little difficult as finding that perfect spot can provide some interesting challenges with a lack of places to pull over.

One of the neatest things is the ability to drive all the way down to the Ferry which will help you cross over to Tangent Park and help you carry through on Highway 49 or Highway 684. If you’re feeling adventurous then continue on past the ferry and visit Township road 820.  The road will shift from pavement to gravel and will eventually come out of the valley near the small community of Berwyn.

2. Visit the 12 Foot Davis Gravesite

View of Peace River From 12 Foot Davis Gravesite

If you enjoy discovering the history of a region or enjoy the lure of the gold rush back in the day then learning about 12 Foot Davis will be right up your alley. The story goes in Peace River that Davis is legendary for discovering an extremely large claim of gold back in the day, in fact it was 12 feet larger then the allowed claim would permit.  So Davis claimed the other 12 feet which ultimately provided him with upwards of 15,000 dollars in gold, which at the time made him an extremely rich man. He wasn’t a greedy individual though as Davis used the profits from this claim to become one of the most important founders in the history of Peace River as he help bring much needed goods to the region.

Today the city honours him by having his grave site overlook the Peace River valley which you can reach from Highway 688 which is approximately 5km east of the centre of Peace River. With several interpretive signs it’s hard to miss and a must see.

3. The Peace River It Self

The river itself provides ample opportunity to enjoy, especially in the summer time. Throughout the spring, summer and fall theres the opportunity to enjoy the water by boat or even partake in things like the jet boat races that happen every year in early summer. If you don’t have a boat at your disposal they’re are still some great hikes and viewing spots for the avid photographer.

4. Local Sports And Athletics

If you are a dire hard sports fan Peace River is home to numerous sports teams and athletes all competing across Alberta.  For hockey fans the North Peace Navigators are the biggest game in town as a local Junior B team competing in the North West Junior Hockey League.  The Navigators always provide exciting action and just recently we’re crowned champions before becoming provincial gold medalists and finishing the season as Canada’s third best team capturing a bronze medal at the national championships.

Elsewhere there are numerous high school sports to take in, including the Peace River Prospectors, a local football team playing and competing against teams scattered across the Peace Country.

The area is also home to two golf courses, the Mighty Peace Golf Club (18) and the Peace View Golf Course (9).

2. Travelling and Other Community Celebrations

One of the best features of living in Northern Alberta and the Peace Country is there’s no limit to what you can’t do.  Having provided advice to potential home buyers in Peace River for many years we still help countless others across the Peace Country.  Situated just 2 hours north of Grande Prairie, Peace River has numerous heritage celebrations, festivities and more. There is many smaller communities and sightseeing outside of the city so if you’re willing to adventure a little you can find pretty much anything you’re looking for. Whether you’re the avid outdoors men, sports nut or even just looking to find a relaxing place to read a book the town of Peace River can help satisfy all your needs.

As a business provider in the community, GM Mortgages will answer any questions you have about re-locating or moving within the community.

What did we miss?  If you feel there’s more exciting things to do in Peace River comment below and let our visitors know.