GM Mortgages is proud to be your Peace Country Mortgage experts. For over 10 years we have been providing information to countless individuals who are looking to find the rest rated mortgages in the province. Over the course of the past ten years we’ve expanded our business to serve Northern Alberta by serving numerous locations. Just because we’re not located in your town or city doesn’t mean we can’t help get you a quick approval at the lowest rate.

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We’re glad to serve clients across Northern Alberta in the beautiful Peace Country. We want to introduce you to our company, GM Mortgages. For over 10 years investment had been a passion of our previous founder and since then we have incorporated that into this business. The team at GM Mortgages have built this company through continuous hard work and tenacity which has resulted in a mortgage group that you can associate with upright values and exceptional customer service.

We’re proud and confident to be able to tell you that we’ve always seen the need for a mortgage brokerage that offers intelligent and knowledgable input as well as a commitment to the needs of every client they deal with.

In almost any circumstance when people are looking for a broker they ask, “What can GM Mortgages do for my mortgage needs?” Here’s how we answer.

Reliable experience in an ever changing mortgage industry. Having helped thousands of people over the past 10 years we’re proud to say that no one has been turned away! Not everyone can afford that million dollar dream home but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a familiar feature set available to you. GM Mortgages will explore every option available to you. Our team doesn’t stop until the client is completely satisfied with the results and rate you receive. When you call us (587-803-1313) we answer the phone ourselves and always guarantee the solid advice and attention you should expect. Based on our experience we can provide fine details with the right financing options available to you.

Family Values. Many of us working at GM Mortgages have families so it’s with the upmost importance that we rely on strong family values. Family is important and we know it’s even more important to make sure our clients families are well taken care of. We always have the best in mind!

Keeping up with trends. The mortgage industry is constantly changing, whether it be new by laws or interest rates. GM Mortgages keeps up with the latest news and trends in the industry so any customer that comes to us is well educated in what they have with the mortgage they need. We have numerous employees who provide local business advice through presentations at community colleges in the Peace Country and also up to date Blogs on Mortgage information right here on our website.

Our company is committed to constantly learning, which is evidenced through all of our staff contributing to on going education courses, writing on our blog, or interacting with associations like the Mortgage Professionals and the Mortgage Broker Association of Alberta.

Commitment. We aim to provide long term value to all of our clients. Our long term commitment goes well beyond just the term of your mortgage here at GM Mortgages. We make sure to stay in contact with you to make sure that we are always available. If you have questions, we’re here to answer them no matter how big or small they are. We are just a call or email away!

Our Guarantee. We want to work quickly for you. Gm Mortgages negotiates hard to get you a fast approval at the best rate possible…GUARANTEED! If you don’t get pre-approved within a few days we will reward you with a gift card to a local business or restaurant. We are confident in what we do and this guarantee helps us deliver to you!

So how can GM Mortgages help you today?

If you have questions about our business or where we operate then please call us (587-803-1313) and allow our company to give you some useful ideas that will help in the coming months (or years) with any personal or home financial situation that may arise.

In these ever changing days customer service isn’t quite what it used to be like, whether it be in Alberta or anywhere. Gm Mortgages is confident that we will be doing the best job humanly possible and give you quality that you should come to expect (but rarely see anymore).

Our companies livelihood is dependent on our ability to give you the rates we expect and service we value. We most certainly won’t forget that either.

By working together we can give you the best ideas on how to go about improving what you are already doing. Through some guidance and great tips you’ll soon know how to get maximum value from any opportunity that may arise.