What Should A Mortgage Broker in Whitecourt Do For You?

Learning abut a mortgage can be a difficult process, especially when you’re first starting out. Information about the process (fixed rate, closed rate, open rate etc) can be overwhelming even for the most savvy professional. When it comes to finding a mortgage we recommend working with us to help you understand but more importantly to get you the best rate.

Banks often look out for themselves and won’t spend the time or resources to find a better rate for you. Working with GM Mortgages in Whitecourt can help you save money on your financial loan in the future.

What You Need To Know About Mortgage Brokers

A mortgage broker is similar to a professional freelancer. As a broker with GM Mortgages we go between lenders and borrowers (you) to help obtain the best rate possible while maximizing your savings. We want to secure the money you need in a timely fashion. A mortgage broker works on commission so we don’t work for anyone but ourselves. Many mortgage brokers will work under a name like Dominion Lending but we only do so to open the channels to help us contact the hundreds of lenders available to you.

Our goal is to recruit and seek out people who are interested in borrowing money for that potential dream home (or investment property) but don’t have all the necessary funds required to do so. Most individuals won’t have the money to pay for it outright which is where a mortgage broker in Whitecourt comes in.

We’re proud to work with clients from all over and we enjoy getting to know everyone we work with in Whitecourt Alberta. By calculating the best mortgage for you we will then sit down and discuss all the available options and what we feel is your best bet to secure savings. Once agreed upon we will send out your mortgage application on your behalf.

Almost every borrower prefers the service of a mortgage broker quite simply because they will see better rates then visiting the bigger banks. What most banks won’t tell you is they expect you, the borrower, to negotiate lower rates but most won’t know this or they are unable to do so improperly. As a mortgage broker we’ve managed to get approval for clients who are unable to do this but even for those who the banks may turn away due to bad credit.

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Mortgage Broker

There’s little doubt that a broker can provide a great amount of help throughout the process of the mortgage application. Fees will typically be associated with every broker out there so be sure to look out and find a professional who will help you get your moneys worth.

Choosing a mortgage can be daunting but thanks to an exploding market in recent years the long days of choosing variable or fixed are all but gone. Every lender today has different plans and will put their own spin on a product which will make the selection process more confusing then ever. For first time home owners this can get them in trouble and why it’s often important to work with a qualified mortgage broker.

GM Mortgages in Whitecourt can provide you with special knowledge on the current mortgage market. We always go above and beyond most suited to your current circumstances by negotiating the best rate possible on your behalf with the hundreds of lenders we have access to. We want to provide you the best deal possible and of course have our clients feel comfortable with the right person.

We’re confident in our ability to provide a reliable solution when looking for a Whitecourt mortgage broker.

Moving to Whitecourt?

Whitecourt Mortgage BrokerLocated about an hour and a half Northwest of Edmonton, Whitecourt is a small town located in Alberta within the Woodlands County. Branded as the snowmobile capital of Alberta the motto us dubbed “Let’s Go” which is evident in the busy day to day lifestyle of most residents in Whitecourt.

The small community is a unique place to live and is identifiable by three different geographical components. First, the town centre resides with the valley of the community. This area includes the Athabasca Flats, Millar Western’s sawmill, and is home to three manufactured home parks.

On the hilltop is where most of the action takes place. As a major stop along Highway 43 Whitecourt features an abundant amount of restaurants, hotels, and places to eat.

Finally in West Whitecourt, between both the McLeod and Athabasca rivers is an industrial area which features a 1km strip of commercial business along the highway which eventually leads to the Peace Country.

Whitecourt’s community is largely driven by three major industries which include forestry, oil and gas, and tourism. An economic boom in the late 2000’s helped the community grow and the housing market reached historic peak levels. Today a multitude of companies call the small community home making it an ideal place to live for small families.

If you’re situated outside of Whitecourt feel free to check out some of the other locations GM Mortgages serves. We’ve just recently announced new offices in Peace River and Valleyview as well.

Contacting Us In Whitecourt

Please contact us by either emailing us at [email protected] or via telephone at 587.803.1313.

Please note that all appointments are made via phone or email only!