Our Process

GM Mortgages goes above and beyond as we make every effort to respond to your request whether it by phone or web within minutes of contacting us. If we are unable to answer your initial call we promise to reach you via a call back before the end of the working day.

Through our friendly and reliable experience we’ve been able to give our customers a head start on the mortgage buying process. Our educational backgrounds gives GM Mortgages the ability to provide our customers with the knowledge to make an informed decision regarding your future mortgages. Our professionalism and the ability to build positive relationships with our Lenders helps us go above and beyond for each and every one of our clients. We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity so we can make sure that the process of obtaining your mortgage is seamless.

Here at GM Mortgages we do everything we can to match or beat other brokerages or bank we see. We are extremely competitive and our skills help you get the fastest “YES” at the sharpest rate guaranteed. What other Peace Country mortgage brokerages do you know that offer the same?

Our flexibility combined with our brilliant strategies can help us adapt in order to meet even the toughest of Lender guidelines. By doing this we are able to meet all your mortgage requirements which will be the foundation of what you build it on. No matter how complicated your current situation is we promise to push through to make sure we get the best mortgage for you. We’re known to have the reputation of knowing the business and being able to find a practical and suitable mortgage solution.

We equip our clients with the ability to succeed. Getting a mortgage is a complicating process so being prepared is needed in order for you to achieve the property you want. The mortgage process is complicating and by understanding the details of the process we can help readily advise all our clients on how to be prepared for their future purchase. Managing and repairing your credit, martial status changes, debt consolidation, and more are just a few issues that may arise over the course of your mortgage and having a good broker with experience will be able to advise you on the proper steps. The experts at GM Mortgages know what details to look for making it easier for you.

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